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Dazzles the senses!

With everything from superb cuisine to stunning landscapes, this corner of Southeast Asia dazzles the senses.


Peaceful paddy fields give way to frenetic urban centers like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, where the youthful population rushes to embrace the future. Boutiques fill the French colonial buildings in enchanting Hoi An; in the north, a world away, are Sapa’s ethnic markets. Around Vietnam, lush jungles and jagged karst peaks beckon adventurers. Absorb it all but take time to relax, perhaps on the long, alluring coastline with its world-class beaches.


Hustle and bustle in Hanoi: What makes the capital so interesting is that it feels very old-fashioned, stuck in the past with its French colonial history entrenched in its pavement cafes, architecture and wide tree-lined boulevards. Take a ride in one of the thousands of tuk-tuks swarming through the city’s streets to get a sense of the daily buzz.


Visit Ho Chi Minh: Not the city, but the man. The communist revolutionary and first president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam lies embalmed in his Hanoi mausoleum, as he has done since his death in 1969. The body lies in a glass case in a cooled, central hall, through which visitors must pass silently to pay their respects.


Central Vietnam’s coast offers golden beaches and historic small towns. Wander around Hoi An, soaking up the area’s café culture, colourful lanterns and bustling markets.


Further inland, explore the ancient palaces and temples along the Perfume River, where Hue was once the centre of politics and spiritual life in Vietnam. Looking for downtime? Head to Nha Trang, a seaside village with resorts offering barefoot luxury and pristine waters.


Breathe in the Mekong: The famed river winds its way through Southeast Asia, but flows into the South China Sea at the Mekong Delta just south of Ho Chi Minh City. This is Vietnam at its most pastoral. Here, more than 1,000 species of animals live side by side in what is described as a “biological treasure trove”. If you’re looking for a little more human interaction, take a boat to explore the floating markets.

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