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10 hotels – 4 Residential

"the Oriental Paris”

Historically famed for a being a playground for the rich and famous, Shanghai screams luxury at pretty much any given opportunity.


Not only is Shanghai the largest city in China but it’s also one of the largest cities in the world. It’s an important business center but perhaps more notably a favored tourist destination. You don’t want to miss out on the sights, foods and fun this city provides travelers


Perfect cultural fusion of the West and East, the tradition and fashion are the best city highlights fully embodied its diversity and unique charms. Whether you choose Shanghai to start your China tour, or make a special visit, or a short layover in Shanghai, there are various great experiences you can try to discover the best essence in a well-paced way.


You can enjoy beautiful Chinese classical garden, marvel at the amazing cityscape of some world’s top-ranking skyscrapers, wander though local featured Shikumen houses aside narrow laneways, stroll along the Bund and Former French Concession with rich collections of west style historical architectures, explore interesting local life and fancy urbanism in one single trip with China Discovery’s excellent local tours.


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