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14 Hotels – 5 Private villas – 2 private islands

A constellations of tiny islands ...

– Just off the East African coast lies a constellation of tiny islands that basks in an endless summer. Dip into Smith’s ever-growing selection of island resorts and luxury villas in Seychelles and soon you’ll be waking up to sapphire-blue sea views and spending your days with powdery sand between your toes.


Inspiration, highlights and travel tips

There are several good reasons why you should put the Seychelles on your bucket list:

– Spectacular white-sand beaches that rank among the most beautiful beaches in the world

– Awe-inspiring natural scenery with Jurassic rainforests and ancient boulders

– Island hopping

– Observing giant tortoises

– Scuba diving

– Private island resorts that rank among the world’s most exclusive hotels


Best timem to visit

The Seychelles enjoy a tropical, humid climate with constant high temperatures throughout the year. The amount of rainfall is mainly determined by two monsoon seasons in which the trade winds blow from opposite directions:


– From May to October, the strong south-east trade winds (the so-called southeast monsoon) bring a relatively dry period with mostly clear skies and very little precipitation, although seas can be choppy at this time of year with seaweed littering the beaches of Praslin island (cf below).


– From December to March, the weak north-west trade winds (the so-called northwest monsoon) bring wet weather and cloudy skies to the Seychelles, especially in December and January, though the seas are calmer during this period

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