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14 Hotels – 5 Private villas – 2 private islands

A fusion of Asia, Africa, France and Britain

– Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island nation, is known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. The mountainous interior includes Black River Gorges National Park, with rain-forests, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife like the flying fox. Capital Port Louis has sites such as the Champs de Mars horse track, Eureka plantation house and 18th-century Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens.

Beautiful lagoons, radically shaped volcanic mountains, and a cultural cocktail of Euro-Asian inhabitants make Mauritius—a small nation some 2,000 km (1,242 miles) east of the African continent—more than just a swanky resort getaway. Although you can relax on some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches, you’ll also find grand plantation mansions that evoke the island’s colonial past, Hindu shrines adorned with marigolds, national parks abundant with exotic animals and plants, and delicious cuisine that fuses Creole and French flavors.


Why Mauritius? You can enjoy a fusion of Asia, Africa, France and Britain on one of the Indian Ocean’s most beautiful islands. Unsurprisingly, Mauritius is prime territory for honeymooners and the jet-set, with palm-fringed beaches, crystal clear water, coral reef-sheltered aquamarine lagoons – plus a luxury hotel for nearly every week of the year.


The stunning coast rings a less-explored but spectacular interior: tall swaying grasses of seemingly endless sugar-cane plantations, forested ridges and gorges, bright tropical flowers and palm trees, meadows and arable land, all interspersed with emerald-green jagged peaks that soar skywards from this fertile isle.


When: The best time to visit Mauritius is from May to December when the weather is cool, dry and sunny. Expect some of Africa’s best beaches, fresh seafood and long, sun-drenched days on a Mauritius holiday. The island has a classic tropical climate with warm weather year-round.

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