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10 chalet/ Lodges – 2 Private Penthouses – 5 Hotels & Resorts

The Land of the Rising Sun ...

High-tech megacities, stunning countryside and incredible mountain ranges – Japan is a magical place to behold at any time of the year


The Land of the Rising Sun’s rich history and ceremonial traditions, along with its dreamy vistas and worldly finesse, make it a great destination for combining snow and rugged nature with sophisticated urban exploration. From the comfort of your luxury chalet in Japan, you’ll be able to enjoy first-hand the exquisite hospitality, culture and cuisine the country is so well-known for.


Hokkaido, Japan’s northern island, is ideally located on the path of cold air from Siberia. This causes the ski areas on this island to be covered in a thick layer of snow – snow known for being incredibly dry. During this trip we stay overnight near Niseko, christened ‘Powder Capital of the World’ and Japan’s most famous ski destination. Sometimes it seems like it never stops snowing here. From Niseko we can easily reach the most beautiful freeride areas of Hokkaido


Freeriding in Japan:

To get the most out of a ski or snowboard trip to Japan, we want to be flexible. We want to be where the snow falls, be the first at the lift and have tour ski equipment with us to reach first tracks all day long. We spend the night in a central place, close to traditional restaurants and onsen (Japanese hot springs), but especially within driving distance of the most beautiful freeride areas.

In addition to this trip, we are organizing a road trip through Japan. A longer trip where, in addition to Niseko, we also visit the ski areas that are more off the beaten track.

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JAPAN – Recommended hotels, Villas, Residential.

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This carfully selected Chalet, hotels, villa, camp & Lodge – Tent resort showcases just a few of our favourite places ot stay at each destinations in JAPAN. Start dreaming and creating your own adventure with one of our dedicated Travel Advisor.

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