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10 hotels – 4 Residential

a Thrilling City of Contrasts

– Glittering skyscrapers, designer boutiques, Michelin-star restaurants and a thriving movie industry, Hong Kong is a go-to for the internationally rich and famous.


If you’re planning an unforgettable trip to the Chinese super city and have the cash to splash, there’s only really one way to do it—and that’s the luxe way. Here’s how you can spend a weekend burning plastic in our favourite neon jungle.


Explore an exciting, complex city of contradictions. Night markets with herbal compounds and modern stores with cutting-edge electronics. Gleaming skyscrapers designed according to the traditional principles of feng shui. A cacophony of sounds juxtaposed with a calming sunset over the gorgeous harbor.


From conquering mountain trails to exploring neon-lit streetscapes, Hong Kong is a city that offers myriad possibilities and experiences. Go from ancient temples to glistening skyscrapers, then dip into bustling city markets before decamping to seaside villages. where to start? Read on for a list of unmissable experiences to tick off your Hong Kong wish list.


Here are few ideas our Travel Advisors will be happy to combine during your next trip to Hong Kong:


– Gaze across Hong Kong and Kowloon from The Peak

– Devour local delicacies like dim sum

– Get arty at galleries, museums and more

– Hike Hong Kong’s great outdoors

– Climb the steps up to the Big Buddha

– Drink in the city’s never-ending nightlife

– Take in the Hong Kong skyline from all angles

– Get a thrill at theme parks

– Try your luck at Happy Valley Racecourse

– Take yourself on self-guided tours of local neighbourhoods



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