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Frequently asked questions

How can I trust &Seleqt's hotel, Villas selection ?

A hotel has to be genuinely special to make it into our portfolio. Properties / Partners do not pay a fee to be included, but this doesn’t mean that a place can buy their way in – the Advisors or Affiliate partners team has to have decided it make senses to list a property, before we even consider adding it to our exclusive, selection or collection; it depends how you want to call it.

There are few strict conditions that apply so to benefits our members in many ways, such as their stay, added value and benefits, special rates negotiated for them, to name a few …

I'm a member. What special treatment do I get?

Whenever you book through us, you receive a special extra care and attention to details for all your request by our travel advisors.

You do get ‘rate guarantee’ applicable on each stay or booking hotels or private villas, and you also do get additional discount on any published rates with up to 20% off guaranted, plus benefits and added values.

You will also be able to arrange with your travel advisor, part of your Travel pass  and get VIP club and best bar / restaurant access worldwide, and also Airport priortiy pass with unlimited access to over 1200 airport lounges worldwide on request (fees apply)

Some extras fees may be applicable for some special-offer bookings – if that’s the case, it will be clearly displayed. In addition, you get access to year-round exclusive offers with special members discount always.

Are you able to guarantee a particular room at a hotel?

We can’t always guarantee a specific room when a hotel has several rooms in one room category – but we can certainly do our best. If there’s a particular room you’d like to stay in (like connecting rooms for family), please let us know and we’ll see what we can do, and most time if not always we make it happened.

Part of the Travel Club will always have the option open and we will ask if their is a room or villa they prefer, so to request each booking.

Are airport transfers included?

They are generally not included in the room rate, unless specified, but we always propose or include transfer in the booking / reservations and will arrange transfers for you – just ask when you book.

I am trying to register online, ii can't find it?

There is no option to register online as we do prefer talk to you and know you better to deliver the best tailor made services accordingly.

If you signed up for Travel Pass , you will be asked all necessary information we need to update your profile.

Note that our Travel Pass program is by invitation only and you need to have a face to face or Conference Call meeting with one Advisors manager in order to make sure you qualify to be part of our exclusive Travel Club program.

Will I receive a Travel Pass card?

No platic card needed –

When part of the Travel Pass  your porfile is saved with us and each booking any partner will have your preference form ready so they know exactly what you like and dislike.

Why The Travel Pass is "on request'

Travel Pass is on request because we will allocate a Travel advisors which will be like your personal assistant and taking care of you during your entire trip, whem and if needed.

Also because this Travel Pass gives full advantage on discounted rates with up to 20% off which you will not be able to find anywhere else at any members program (and we mean on top of any other published special offer you could find…!! not the special offer everyone has access online – big difference!!) 

Note that the Travel Pass basically will save a guarantee 15% of you exisiting cost of travel on hotels today and up to 20% ; so work it out and if you want to know more just get in touch !

Why are some rooms not available to be booked online? What does ‘on request’ mean?

For a number of reasons – We don’t provide online booking on our website and all is on request.

Private villas will have, soon, the availabilty calendar in real time to be able to check the date you wish to book.

Hotels and any other type of accommodation will only be on request, where we can’t guarantee availability, but these ‘on request’ partners are, more often than not, available to book by email or with the form we provide online to better understand your request and for faster confirmation with 12h to 24h once we have received your request.

If you’d like to book an on request and get a travel advisors to inspire you and advise the best hotels or villas, please, just call us or get in touch with us,  and they will confirm with the hotel/Villa whether it’s available in less than 24h

Can you hold the room for me for 24 hours?

That’s down to the hotel’s or Villa’s own policies. Check with your Travel Advisors before, but yes generally if this is available and the request is genuine, we will make it happened and we can even secure a “hold” for up to 72h depending on the arrival date.

I made a mistake on my reservation/need to alter my dates – how do I do this?

Just get in touch with your travel advisor by phone, or email concierge@andseleqt.com to let us know. As long as your amendments don’t conflict with the hotel’s cancellation policy and assuming there is availability, we’ll make any changes you require.

Can I make a booking for a friend or relative under my membership?

Yes. And if you’re a Travel Pass member although you will also have to settle the deductive fees we require for all Travel Pass members, unless you have made on Travel arrangement and you have settled your own Trael pass fees

I can’t book a recommended room. How can I be sure the other rooms are of the same standard?

All the rooms at our partner villa or hotels are great – not just the ones we specially recommend.

What is the % deposit for?

The deposit is a percentage of the stay cost taken to secure your reservation when you book with us. It’s not an addition to the cost of the stay, and is deducted from the hotel or packages booking total.

The deposit is fully refundable if you need to cancel, provided you do so in writing before the hotel’s cancellation policy comes into effect.

Why do i need to have a deposit for any request as 'non-members'?

Non members only are asked to deposit as once you send a request we put our team at work and any work deserve to be paid.

We leave open the website to non members and up to them to decide if they wish to plan their travel themselves or via our travel advisors and benefits of special ratees, but not only, all the arrangment and comminucation with each properties and partner onsite to prepare and arrange it all to only do what they are supposed to do ‘enjoy every momement of life’ and lelt our profesional team to do what they do best: taking care from A to Z of any of your request before and anytime during your trip if needed.

Our Travel advisors will make your life easier and that won’t cost you anything, yet you will have access to certain benefits we grant to non members as well, and we guarantee that you wont pay more than any published rates online and we have our ‘rates guarantee’ to check for you to understand more

How do I cancel my booking?

If you need to cancel for any reason, please do so in writing by emailing your travel advisors with the booking reference,  at concierge@andseleqt.com, who will review the cancellation policy, contact the hotel for you and be in touch with you once the cancellation has been processed.

If you cancel before the hotel’s cancellation policy comes into effect, any deposit you have paid will be refunded.

I don’t understand the payment and cancellation policy.

We always follow the hotels’ own cancellation and payment policies. Any deposit paid will be refunded to the card used to book, provided the cancellation is made within the hotel’s stipulated cancellation period.

I’ve got back from my stay and I’d like to give feedback. Whom should I send this to?

After your stay, you should get an email from us inviting you to leave a comment on the hotel’s feedback from – please do, as these are very helpful to other members and the hotel or private viulla you stayed at, and we love to hear of any discoveries you made in the local area during your trip.

If you booked with Travel Advisor, we would also love to hear how your stay went. If you have feedback about the consultant themselves, you’ll find a link on your confirmation to do so. Anything positive will be relayed straight to them, but if you feel their service could have been improved it will be addressed as part of their ongoing training. If something went wrong with your stay, or if there’s something you think the hotel needs to address, please let us know by emailing concierge@andseleqt.com.

How do I update my profile and contact details?

Soon it will be available to access our members section and via the members’ section. For now we will update your porfile via our Travel advisors and so by email at concierge@andseleqt.com

Do I need to be member to book with &Seleqt?

in order to book with &Seleqt a hotel or provate villas, or any other type of accommodation we need to received your request via the online form.

In order to book a Travel inspiration or urban experience we will request a deposit that can be 100% refund, in order for our travel advisors to tailor made to your needs and requirement your next trip. Should you book once we have put our team at work for you the deposit will be dedcuted from the total.

Should you decide not to book we will keep 100% of the deposit require.

The deposit for any request is 500 US$

What is the difference between &SELEQT and Urban-seleqt

www.andseleqt.com provide the finest selection of hotels and private villas, and any other type of accommdoation in Asia, South East Asia, China and Indochina, as well as Indian Ocean and soon The Mediterranean Sea too.

You can also have access to curated experience and travel inspiration, as well as all or any request you may have to tailor made your travel.

Urban-Seleqt is the Main agency and the Private Members club giving access to Travel and Lifestyle services and not only booking a a room or villa, therefore to be able to use our services you need to join the Private member club which is by invitation only,  with an array of added values and benefits only members have. All membership will have to be qualify and review before being accepted.

What do you mean you work with 'selected partner' ?

&Seleqt do select, qualify each partner we operate with and they have to meet certains standard to be part of our portfolio or taking care of our clients, members. We have site inspected personnally or our affiliate associate (at the destination) each places and experience we tailor or proposed.

That is how we can guarantee each time the quality we offer our members and make sure they are well taken care of during their stay and holidays, giving them access to what is the best at the destination with local insight and recommendation in terms of location, services, food and much importantly to offer our members what they want for their trip and matching their requirements each time

Do i need to pay a commision to &Seleqt for all booking?

&Seleqt does not ask any commission or fees for booking via the Travel Pass program, although we will ask a fee deductible should you wish to confirm your booking or travel experience with our Travel advisors, and it will be valid for 12 months to be used.

The fee is to prevent our travel advisors to advise you and work on your program or best recommendation and see a client request not following up and book it somewhere else on any other platform. Our Travel Advisor will work on your request only once deductible fees is settled in full.

All booking are made by &Seleqt to its partners and &Seleqt get paid by its partners on departure.

We have a ‘rate guarantee’ policy you can check and we either match should a rates as become lower than the one we offer ‘on request’ only (to avoid a fluctuation of all rates online now and secure the best rates possible at the time of booking)


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