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Looking for authenticity and exclusivity in all your travel destinations, you will find it in our selection of hotels: The &SELEQT Travel List, by Urban-seleqt Group

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Hotels & Villas – The BoBo Chic Collection – Trains & yachts … and so much more !

Authenticity and exclusivity

INFLUENCED, INSPIRED from what a “Destination” HAS TO OFFER and its’ unique surroundings.  We believe in the power of originality and in the luxury of simple —yet sophisticated— things, places, hotel, food, art, design, ….

&Seleqt’s beating heart remains the stylish arrangement of unique Travel Journey and Urban Experience, for the most sophisticated of travellers.

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We are not and online travel agency …. we do all on request …. And, before we book a trip for a client we make sure we understand their requirements, and so we talk to you … we exchange, we ask questions and then we come back with couple of options for you to book.

“Creating unforgettable Travel experiences in exceptional & unique hotels, villas around the world. – The quitessence of &SELEQT hotels, villas Collection”

– Eric F.

“Showcase of our favourite accommodation type in Asia & Indian Ocean, and the Mediterranean sea__ plus, our Insider tips on few urban cities, to spice it all up a ‘lil’ !!

– &Seleqt Travel Advisor


38 Hotels & Villas

Be a traveler not a Tourist …

Dare to be !

When you wish to have what is best during your stay, you’re connected with a dedicated travel advisor who’s there to craft your experience and stay, that simply go beyond a simple reservation, down to some of the most unique urban experience for you to enjoy memorable moment, and create incredible memories that will last for ever.

OUR BoBo Chic Collection

A wonderful experience for the adventurous traveler in search of true Bobo chic travel experience in presine, unique environtments. Simplicity at its best, blended with barefoot travel for an unforgettable escape.

The Bobo Chic style is as diverse as the individuals themselves, and so is BoBo Chic – A conceptual travel experience that could change your life, or if i may say, change the way you live, not entirely, but if you just change a couple of thing back home, you took back from your trip, we have succeded together in making the planete a better place to live and travel too .

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